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    Eid El Fiter holidays with Shaabia Character at Mirdif City Center

    As part of Eid celebrations, the Mirdif City Center store of Hamleys is bringing in the most affable and well-known cartoon characters from the famous TV series SHAABIAT AL CARTOON. Afari, Attoga, Bu Mhuyer, and Shambee will be there to meet and greet the children every 30 minutes from 4 to 9 PM during the [...]

  • Bin Sulayim & Shompe

    Etisalat and Fanar Production unveil key episode of seventh season of Shaabiat Al Cartoon

    Fanar Production, a leading production company specialized in animated content, and Etisalat, the main sponsor of the seventh season of Shaabiat Al Cartoon, today unveiled a special episode ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The episode that deals with the hazardous effects of speeding on highways and city streets is scheduled to be aired [...]

  • h

    Princess Haya’s Centers Organize a Work Shop – Population Census

    Among the activities of its summer program, Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussain’s Cultural Islamic Centers in IACAD in Dubai have organized in Um Al Sheif branch a workshop on population census delivered by Dubai Statistics Centers and targeted 103 girl students of the preparatory stage. The workshop includes a power point on the definition of the [...]

  • s1

    Sharjah Media Center celebrations Haq Al Leylah With Shaabiat Al Cartoon

    Children participate in traditional pre-Ramadan celebration with Shaabiat Al Cartoon Haq Al Leylah, meaning ‘for this night’, is an annual traditional event that is celebrated to mark the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan. On the 14th night of the lunar calendar month of Shaa’ban, 15 days before Ramadan begins.  

  • S


    Samsung Electronics announced the launching of the new SAMSUNG SMART TV generation for 2012 which deliver the latest smart new home entertainment applications. Shaabiat Al Cartoon best Episodes Are also available FREE in Animation programs application, Shaabiat al Cartoon Characters was one of the main entertainments Activity at the Samsung Smart TV Launching Event in [...]

  • Df1

    Protect Children Campaign, Dubai Foundation for Women & Children

    The main objective of this campaign is to increase awareness in society about how to protect children, and how children can protect themselves. The child will not be with you all the time: the child will go outside to go to school or play in the park. Key messages [for them] are, don’t sit alone [...]

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